Puzzle #0

Awww man.  It's quiz time.  I figured I'd put in a few of these from time to time.  You might have heard a few of these, but I'll make sure to throw in some original ones in the future.  Here's the first puzzle:

You have 8 coins, one of which is counterfeit.  The counterfeit coin has a different weight than the rest of the coins.  You are given a balance so you can compare the weight of them.  In only two weighings, how do you find the counterfeit coin? 

Try not to look at the comments section for the answer.  A solution will be posted at Puzzle #1.  Goodluck!


  1. you put half of the coins on one side half on the other, repeat with the side that has the fake coin, you would need 3 weighings and to know if the counterfeit coin is lighter or heavier than the real ones

  2. Great read! Looking forward to reading your next post.

  3. True, it would take three weighings if you used your first weigh comparing four with the other four. But there's a more efficient way to do it in only two. I wonder if anyone will get it by Wednesday.